Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Charitable Community

Here on Norfolk Island, we look after each other.
Especially if anyone is finding it a bit tough going, there are plenty to lend a hand, provide meals or gather together to keep you jolly.

All of these things happened on Saturday 18th of April, a night of food, drink and entertainment was organized for "Mr Grand" Jim Christian who has had a health set back and has been in hospital in Newcastle for some time now with wife Lee at his side.

There were plenty of wetls to be had and many in the community helping to put together a GRAND concert for Mr Grand.

Here is the link to my contribution, I choreographed my 'girls' in the following performance.

The Phillip Island ballet company presenting 'danse des petit cygnes'

It was a wonderful night and another display of how a community comes together to support each other when it is most needed.

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Thanks for the comment. See you on Norfolk!