Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Charitable Community

Here on Norfolk Island, we look after each other.
Especially if anyone is finding it a bit tough going, there are plenty to lend a hand, provide meals or gather together to keep you jolly.

All of these things happened on Saturday 18th of April, a night of food, drink and entertainment was organized for "Mr Grand" Jim Christian who has had a health set back and has been in hospital in Newcastle for some time now with wife Lee at his side.

There were plenty of wetls to be had and many in the community helping to put together a GRAND concert for Mr Grand.

Here is the link to my contribution, I choreographed my 'girls' in the following performance.

The Phillip Island ballet company presenting 'danse des petit cygnes'

It was a wonderful night and another display of how a community comes together to support each other when it is most needed.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Carnival cruise ships come to Norfolk Island

We Welcome back P & O Cruises to Norfolk Island after -- years.
This fantastic community had been planning this arrival for months and months and the whole town came alive with excitement on Friday the 26th of March.
Volunteers have been briefed, We listened to all the updates on the local radio, market stalls have been set up through the town after months of making local handicrafts and new products to sell to our new visitors, now we just had to wait for the ship's arrival.

We woke up to this magnificent view in our backyard down at Cascade.
Welcome P & O's Pacific Sun, we are glad that you made it our way safe and sound.

P & O Cruises have a long tradition with Norfolk Island as it was their first destination chosen to cruise to on December 23 1932.
The new 23,000-ton mail steamer, Strathaird became the first P & O liner to undertake a cruise.

The 5 day cruise from Brisbane & Sydney to Norfolk Island carried 1,100 people and "offered such niceties as ballroom dancing, live theatre and elegant dining"

To see old video footage of the Strathaird on Norfolk Island visit the norfolk Island living library website
The P & O website tells you that on Norfolk Island you can "Step ashore in the footsteps of Captain Cook and discover an unspoilt landscape fringed by sapphire seas. Stroll amongst the soaring pinetrees, or take a guided tour of this former convict settlement. Norfolk Island is a historic destination for P & O cruises as this was our first cruise port over 75 years ago."
Of course anyone who has been here to Norfolk Island knows that there is so much more to do and see around the island than can be put on a glossy brochure, Norfolk Island's best features are spread largely by word of mouth because you can never advertise 'a feeling'. The fresh air and cleanliness of our landscape and waters, the friendliness of our locals, the amazing local produce and the way the community works together to offer some amazing free events throughout the year such as our community arts wearable art parade and art in the park, we also have summerfest at Emily bay, jazz in the pines and opera in the ruins just to name a few.

But back to the cruise ships and the many many passengers that waited to reach us, we welcome you with open arms to this fantastic community. We hope you had a lovely day with us, whether it was the whole day or for a few hours, we hope you come and visit us again soon.

To the community, Thankyou for all the sprucing up that you have done around town, for the festive feeling and for the positiveness that is being bounced around Norfolk Island, You should all be very proud, all of these things make this a wonderful place to choose for your holidays and to live.
The Markets at the Sports and Workers club were fantastic as were all the stalls throughout town.

I hope the visitors and locals enjoyed it as much as I did.

And after a long day, the sun began to set, the visitors made their way onboard and with the majestic Pacific Sun lit up like fairy land, we said bon voyage until the next time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Cruise ships are coming to Norfolk Island!

After a long wait and much organizing and buzzing around in the community, we are receiving our first passenger cruise ship to our very picturesque island at the end of the week.

There has been plenty of excitement among the locals, many have been making and baking for months to sell at stalls, offering a selecion of what Norfolk has to offer all in fantastic community spirit.

A special pontoon has been built to attach to our pier at Cascade jetty, you can see video footage of the cranes loading and unloading these at

We all will be waiting and watching.

Photos and details of what Norfolk put out for show coming soon.

Have a perfect day like it is here in Paradise!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Public art on the increase

What was a dreary back alley toilet in the centre of Burnt Pine shopping village has been transformed into a long lasting reflection of our culture & creativity.

The project was all volentary,has been nearly a month from planning to completion and is testiment to the dedication and generosity of Norfolks local community.

see for youself .......take a stroll down the alley behind "The camera house" & "Cafe tempo".

Thankyou to all who donated,time, funds,plants, tiles, ideas,blood, sweat,& tears!

(garden bed freshly planted will improve*)

We would love your comments!

Welcome to our world!

Welcome to the Norfolk Island Community's pages of what is happening around town.

This week we have 2 new cafe's opening, a new butcher/vege stall with home grown delicious veges and the freshest meat.

The Christmas pageant is a highlight for the local community and visitors alike.
A newly decorated Public toilet block with a beautiful mosaic will wow everyone this week as it has been finished (photos soon).

So keep checking back to our site for updated news, photos and events, we welcome your comments and ideas.