Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome to our world!

Welcome to the Norfolk Island Community's pages of what is happening around town.

This week we have 2 new cafe's opening, a new butcher/vege stall with home grown delicious veges and the freshest meat.

The Christmas pageant is a highlight for the local community and visitors alike.
A newly decorated Public toilet block with a beautiful mosaic will wow everyone this week as it has been finished (photos soon).

So keep checking back to our site for updated news, photos and events, we welcome your comments and ideas.


  1. fantastic to see big christmas trees going up in the main street,and the coulourful lights all over the island.!!

  2. I love christmas on Norfolk. I also love the effort that goes into the night lights for christmas. Cats looks amazing... and the kids love it.


Thanks for the comment. See you on Norfolk!